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With over a decade of experience in the service sector, Shree OSFM E-Mobility Ltd. has emerged as a market leader, excelling in delivering comprehensive End-To-End Logistic Services within the Employee Transportation Industry.

  • Travel Desk Management
  • Roster Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics For Event Management
Transforming Transportation Experiences

Travel Desk Management

Our company has set a new standard in Travel Desk Management by leveraging its deep understanding gained over years of experience in delivering on time service; Which ensures swift and precise coordination of travel arrangements of corporate companies for their staff. Personalized itineraries are built which caters to individual needs, reflecting a commitment to employee and client satisfaction. Travel Desk Management services are real-time and data driven which helps us to tackle unexpected challenges and optimizes travel spending for our clients. Our Travel Desk Management exemplifies efficiency, personalization, sustainability, and innovation, enhancing both operational smoothness and employee contentment.
Driving Efficiency, Inspiring Confidence

Roster Management

Our Roster Management Services helps our clients to efficiently organizes and schedules workforce tasks. Personalized rosters cater to individual preferences and optimize productivity. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our time and fuel-efficient roster planning thereby minimizing carbon footprint. Real-time adjustments to handle staffing fluctuations seamlessly with data-driven insights which helps to optimize resource allocation. Our roster management services stand as a testament to precision, customization, sustainability, and innovation, ensuring streamlined operations and a satisfied workforce.
Efficiency on Wheels, Excellence in Service

Fleet Management

We offer seamless coordination of fleets for diverse operational needs. Tailored made solutions ensure efficient utilization and maintenance of vehicles, enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness Benefit like reduced Labour & Fuel cost, Compliance with various state regulations, Locate & Tracking of vehicles, Maintenance & Insurance, Improve Fleet, Driver & Employee safety makes us stand as a reliable partner for streamlined and environmentally-conscious fleet operations.

Redefining Corporate Travel

Logistics for Event Management

We are one of the premier providers of transport logistics for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) events of corporates. Our company ensures efficient coordination of transportation needs during events. Tailored made solutions cater to diverse requirements, guaranteeing smooth operations and client satisfaction. Real-time adaptability helps in efficiently managing unexpected changes. Informed by data-driven insights, our services help in optimized resource allocation, enhancing the overall event experience.
Shree OSFM E-Mobility Ltd.


Appreciation from Transport Department of Navi Mumbai

Awarded as the Best Transportation Services Provider by IBM

Valued Added Partner - Accenture

Best Service Provider - Wipro

CRISIL rating of 1B

1400+ Vehicles Mobilising 15000 Employees

Across 10 Cities, Operating 42 Sites